Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Ideas for Decorating With Books and Book Pages

Have you noticed that books are everywhere in home decor? Designers are decorating with books more than ever. Not just books, but also the pages. While working on some Christmas ornaments(using book pages), I wanted to share some great projects I found. I'll post about the ornaments when I get Hubby to get a Christmas tree out of the attic, so I can take photos.

How cute is this star from That's My Letter? I love the glitter on the edges of the pages.

Even books without covers can be decorative.

 How about a wreath of rolled flowers made from book pages? This wreath is from 

You've seen pumpkins made from books. How about an apple for a great teacher's gift? 
Cheeky Magpie has the tutorial for this cute apple.

Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage made this amazing wreath simply by rolling book pages and gluing them on  a cardboard form.

Wrap your gifts with recycled book pages, tie with a ribbon, and add a homemade tag. Alisa Burke has a few other ideas, including flowers and garland.

Here's another rosette wreath. This one was made by The Cards We Drew.

These initials are covered with book pages rolled into tubes from Little Things Bring Smiles.

Beth at Home Stories A to Z just made these feathers from book pages. What a great idea for the Thanksgiving table!

Another bundle of books, but this one is stenciled. Antique Chase decorates with bare, naked books.

As much as I love books, sometimes they are too beat up to sell or donate. These ideas are a great way to recycle instead of trashing them.


  1. What great ideas for books and pages from them! I am definitely going to attempt some of these crafts soon.

    Thank you for sharing! :)


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