Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

I've been pinning fall craft projects and decorating ideas since August. Last week I made a batch (patch?) of pumpkins using a great tutorial from Sew Dang Cute Crafts. I ended up making twelve of these cute pumpkins.

1. Cut the fabric for this pumpkin 18" x 8". Putting right sides together, sew a seam along the 8" side. Change the stitch length to the longest and run a basting stitch on the top and bottom of the tube.

2. Turn the fabric right side out, and gently pull the basting thread to gather the bottom. Pull tight and tie a knot.

3. Stuff the pumpkin with poly-fil and pull the basting thread to close the top. If you stuff too much it's hard to pull the thread to gather the fabric without breaking it. You may want to try quilting thread. Once closed you can stuff in more poly-fil, if needed.

4. Wrap embroidery floss four times around the pumpkin pulling tight and knotting after each time around. Knot securely and cut the floss. Move the floss around to even up the sections.

5. Cut the top, bottom, and leaves from felt, and use hot glue to attach the bottom piece. Here is Sew Dang Cute Crafts template, if you want to download it.

6. Cut a small stick and hot glue in the top hole. Cut an X in the top piece and glue on the pumpkin.

Glue on the two leaves.

Tie on a raffia bow.

I ended up making my pumpkins several different sizes by varying the size of my fabric.  I  used fabric in the following sizes: 18" x 11", 18" x 10", 18" x 9", 18"  x 8", 18" x 7", 20" x 10", and 20" x 8".  The 20" pumpkins are just a little wider than the 18" ones.

Here's another look on the hearth.

I think they turned out so cute! Thanks to Tam at Sew Dang Cute Crafts for the tutorial!


  1. Such a cute project. Your pumpkins look great! Easy instructions, thank you.

  2. SOOO stinkin' cute!! Thanks for sharing.


  3. These are ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing. I would love for you to link up with us on Wednesdays. I hope to see you there.
    New follower,

  4. Just "sew" cute. I love them. Thanks for the tutorial on making them. Sure does look like I am going to be a busy one this week.


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  6. These are amazing and you gave great directions.
    I think I can do this!
    Enjoyed visiting, and I am a Texas blogger too and a new follower.

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  7. Those are awesome!! Thanks for auditioning for OMTWI!!

  8. These are the cutest pumpkins I have ever seen!

  9. Those are adorable thank you for sharing and giving me some inspiration to make my own.


    1. Rut, thanks for the mention on your blog. Your fabric pumpkins turned out so cute! When I read your blog, I had a chance to practice my spanish, which is lousy. In your post, I think you said that you can't find fall decorations in Puerto Rico. I'm glad you could make your own!


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