Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Organized Recipe Binder

I'm deliriously happy! Well, maybe not delirious, but I'm happy. I finally finished one project of the million I'm working on. This is the premiere of my newly reorganized recipe binder:

This is how I organized my recipes before I started blogging:

I had an old file box with 3 x 5 cards, a cute binder that was too small, and a plain blue binder that was also too small. I decided it was time for some reorganization.

I went through my stack of recipes, throwing out the ones that for whatever reason I'll never make again. I looked through what was left and decided on my categories: breads, breakfast, desserts, entrees, salads, sides, soups, and starters.  I will have to subdivide desserts and entrees because I have so many of each. I sorted out the recipes I've never made and filed those in a file box using these categories. This will be my go-to file when I need something new and different to cook.

This is what happens to a recipe when the fan blows it off the table. I guess Iris doesn't like squash casserole. Luckily I have a copy of it, because I make this at Thanksgiving.

I then sorted out my recipes into categories. I divided desserts into cakes, candy, cookies, pies/cobblers. I divided entrees into beef, chicken, meatless, pork, seafood, and turkey.

Most of my recipes are printed on computer paper, but for now  I added my newspaper clippings and 3x5 cards. In the future, I plan on adding them to my All Recipes online recipe box. I used page protectors because I'm a messy cook.

 I also put the dividers into page protectors along with a sheet of pretty paper. I labeled the dividers with my amazing Brother P-touch.

 I decorated it with scrapbooking paper and letter stickers.

In the back of the binder I put useful information and tips.

I've included three for you to print:
Batter Amounts and Baking Times
Kitchen Measurements
Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Chart
I'll add more later to my Texas Cottage Printables site.

I think I'll leave it on the display stand in the kitchen for now. It's too cute to hide.

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  1. Very Cute Binder! I so need to do this, but never have time to do it.

  2. I love a binder! And pocket sleeves (best invention)! I'm a teacher, can you tell?

    We have a binder like that, but I hadn't thought to add tabs. I like it better than the recipe box because I find that I won't put the recipes back in the right section.

  3. You are super organized! Love the binder, especially the cover.

  4. Great work. My husband has made his own recipe book, too. I love it when he starts pulling it off the shelf.


  5. I have a similar recipe binder; but mine is really plain. You have inspired me to make mine cute. Today I'm off to get some scrapbook paper and supplies to pretty mine up! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Very cute.
    I need to get my recipes organized. Every time I start to do this I get overwhelmed because I have way tooo many recipes!
    One day I will get it done!


  7. I have been needing and wanting to do this for a long, long time. That will be next on my way-too-long "to do" list!! :) The fact that you've been a teacher probably has a lot to do with why your binder is adorable! I need help in that department.

  8. Ow wow! This is very inspiring. I am going to half to apply your brilliant idea to my recipes before I go crazy. Thanks for sharing. Saw you at Metamorphosis Monday.

  9. Very cute! I need to get busy and get my recipes organized..then maybe I would I love this idea..I'm always trying to figure out the best way to find my faves.


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