Monday, May 23, 2011

My project house (actually it's not mine)

My husband and I spent a busy weekend at our oldest son's home. After graduating from college, he found a job in another town three hours from our home. Not too close for a young, single guy, but close enough to see him once in a while. He bought a house that had been built in the 1950's and never updated.  Since his dad is a super handyman, we try to visit him every couple of months or so, in order to help him remodel his house. This weekend, we decided to tackle some landscaping.

Our plan was to clear out the flower bed on the right and replant it this weekend. Later, our son will demolish the planter box on the left, and we will landscape that side of the yard another weekend. These are my plans for the house, not necessarily my son's.

The previous owners were obsessed with rocks. This bed along with others around the house are filled with lava rocks, river rocks, limestone, flagstone, bricks, and just plain old rocks.

After removing a ton of rocks, cleaning out the dead leaves and loosening the soil, we're ready to plant.

Now landscaped with a few shade-loving plants and some impatiens for color. I think this is a good start.
We'll go back in June to see if these plants have survived and to work on another project.
I'd love to hear your ideas for increasing the curb appeal of this house.

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  1. I think a front porch where the front door is (in between the windows would be beautiful. Nice plant choice with the holly ferns!

  2. I think your plans are spot on! Your landscaping looks SO much better than the rocks. Your son is lucky to have you guys as helpers. I think young single guys can sometimes be more concerned with what kind of TV they'll buy as opposed to their curb appeal. ;) I wonder if maybe a medium/large potted plant on either side of the front door would add some more texture? Great work!!

  3. That looks great! I need to get out and start planting too! You have inspired me.

    Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Warrior link party!



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